Optimize Your Production Operations

In today’s challenging exploration and production landscape, companies must ensure that their production is optimized at all times. Take the video tour below to see how P2’s Digital Oil Field solutions have helped E&P companies achieve operational excellence and reduce deferments.

Lower Operational Expenses

Empower your engineers to efficiently manage a larger portfolio of wells.

Lower Operational Expenses with P2's Production Solutions

Take Control with P2 Production Solutions

Get more oil and gas out of your existing wells, stretch your Opex dollars further, and simplify every process across your enterprise.

Increase Production

Quickly identify and correct production-robbing issues and restore output to optimal levels.

Increase Production with P2's Production Solutions

Achieve Operational Excellence

Erase errors and redundant work by permitting data to flow from one team to the next.

Achieve Operational Excellence with P2's Production Solutions

P2’s Production Platform, Powered by Merrick, is an end-to-end solution for all things production, built on a common foundation. Look to our 25 years of experience and service to more than 200 customers around the world.

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(Teaser) Customer Success Story: Robin Gorman of Enervest | P2 Energy Solutions
Customer Success Story: Connie Ellis of Energen | P2 Energy Solutions

Customer Success Stories

Watch as three of your production peers, from EnerVest and Energen, explain how they optimized production, minimized downtime, and achieved operational excellence.
White Paper | Information Technology and Field Data Required to Successfully Manage Shale Production Operations

Learn how to master every facet of the oil and gas production game, from collecting field data in the fastest and most efficient way possible to making daily and monthly allocations and everything in between.

White Paper | Big Data Every Day: Predictive Analytics Used to Improve Oil and Gas Production Surveillance

See how automated production forecast and surveillance tools are used by E&P teams to track forecasts against production actuals and make production-boosting decisions.

White Paper | Software for Success: The 7 Challenges of Shale Operations That Must Be Addressed by Production Software

Find out what’s needed to overcome seven of the upstream industry’s biggest challenges: liquids management, allocations accuracy and volumes management, the need to minimize production deferments, greenhouse gas emissions tracking, the fast pace of drilling and completions, regulatory scrutiny, and natural gas liquids management.

Customer Case Study Webinar

More Than 40% of All the Oil & Gas Wells in the U.S. Leverage P2's Production Platform

Customer Success Story: Harry Rush of Energen | P2 Energy Solutions

Robin Gorman of EnerVest
Director of Production/Fleet

Connie Ellis of Energen
Manager of Production Regulatory Administration

Harry Rush of Energen
Manager of Information Systems

See how Energen has demystified the Permian Basin and its associated challenges, including:
  • Multilevel tank-to-well allocations
  • Complex ownership arrangements
  • Saltwater management and allocations
  • Frac tank volumes for wells on flow back
Listen in as Connie Ellis, Energen’s Production Regulatory Administration Manager, talks about how Energen is navigating the many challenges created by today’s unconventional landscape.

Thought Leadership

Below is a collection of eBooks, white papers, and articles featured in industry leading publications.

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Any oil and gas company can make money at $100 a barrel. It’s harder to do when prices fall to less than half that – and then refuse to move. Download our guide, to learn how to optimize all the processes across their enterprise, get more production out of your existing wells, and increase revenues – all with fewer resources.

Download "Managing The Data Jungle" to see how data from disparate sources can be brought together and analyzed in a single environment. This approach enables a complete picture of your operations to be ascertained. More importantly, it enables learnings to be continually captured and implemented for better operations.

Leading E&P companies are seeing the silver lining in low oil prices: the opportunity to make operational improvements and maximize their existing wells' production volumes. IT plays a key role in this strategy. By establishing and strengthening the digital oilfield through integrated planning and operations, IT can support your organization's move to operational excellence.

Scott Haven of Laredo Petroleum
Production Superintendent

Scott Haven of Laredo Petroleum

Accurate production allocations are the lifeblood of every E&P company. They drive production and help reduce deferments and improve operational efficiencies. Download our guide to learn how a digital oil and gas platform can help you more efficiently capture, allocate, and report on production numbers that are critical to making well-informed operational decisions.

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