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Why Choose PRODUCTION Outsourcing through P2?

Cut costs, consolidate, and capitalize on efficiencies gained through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Monitoring and reviewing daily production data to ensure data accuracy and completeness for both operated and non-operated assets.

Managing daily production reports distribution for things like variance, SWD, and run tickets.

With P2's production accounting BPO services, we take on the heavy lifting of these back-office functions, freeing you up to focus on critical tasks in the field.

Setting up and configuring new pads/gathering systems/allocation networks, as well as new wells and production objects.

Inactivating wells and related objects for permanently abandoned wells.

Identifying and analyzing volume discrepancies, troubleshooting problems, and making corrections as needed.

Maintaining and modifying allocation configurations for existing wells.

Reviewing and coordinating SCADA/third-party production data imports into P2 Merrick.

Preparing and submitting production regulatory for state and federal bodies as required by the asset.