Qbyte All Access

The Complete Oil and Gas Software Bundle for Canadian Producers 

Qbyte All Access (QAA) is a comprehensive oil and gas software package that includes Qbyte's industry-leading land, accounting, AFE management, production accounting, and reporting applications.

  • 80% of Canada's top 100 producers use Qbyte
  • 340+ producerrely on Qbyte for their everyday oil and gas needs
  • Startups can be up and running in a matter of days with QAA
  • Operators get an unlimited number of users with QAA
  • Qbyte is backed by a team whose experience and expertise are unmatched




More than 250 Canadian oil and gas operators of all sizes use Qbyte CS Land to manage their complex and dynamic land contracts.
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More than 600 Canadian oil and gas professionals rely on Qbyte Metrix for their production, revenue, royalty, and regulatory reporting needs .
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Qbyte Optix includes more than 200 oil and gas-specific, presentation-ready land, financial, and production accounting reports out of the box.
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More About Qbyte All Access

The solutions contained in the QAA bundle – Qbyte CS Land, Qbyte Financial Management, Qbyte AFE, Qbyte Metrix, and Qbyte Optix – are tested, proven, and industry-leading.