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5 Reasons Why a Workflow Tool is a Smart Investment for Your Upstream Oil & Gas Business

Do You Suffer From These Time-Wasting Inefficiencies?

The Major Issue With Current Business Processes

Download this free guide and learn how a workflow tool can help you increase efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks, foster continuous improvement, and streamline approvals.

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Today, most companies rely on outdated, manual business processes with significant use of disconnected tools like spreadsheets, email, and saved files on shared drives.

  1. A lot of your work gets tied up in email chains
  2. You find yourself spending more time working in Excel than processing in your system
  3. You maintain data in multiple systems because there is no integration
  4. Repetitive tasks consume your day & drive up departmental costs
  5. You spend a lot of time doing "prework" to prepare for an audit

Workflow to the Rescue

The right automated workflow tool can provide immediate value with little configuration and cost. It integrates with applications you use every day; is web based and allows access from anywhere on any device; and is easy to learn, scalable, supportable, and reliable.